Chest tube nursing care

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Chest Tubes - Nursing Management & Assessment NCLEX RN & LPN

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  5. Nursing Care of Chest Tubes

Chest Tube Placement by Chris Weldon for OPENPediatrics

  1. Chest Tube Management (4 Things You MUST KNOW For Nursing School)
  2. Chest tube care
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Chest tubes: Indications, components, nursing assessments and interventions

  1. Chest Tube Insertion - Dennis Kim, MD
  2. Chest Tube Fundamentals - Priyanka Rajaram, MD
  3. Nursing Management of Clients with Chest Tubes

Chest Tubes & Chest Drainage Systems

  1. NCLEX Review - Chest Tubes (Notes)
  2. Pneumothorax & Chest Tubes in 10mins! Risk Factors, Symptoms, Complications, Diagnostics, Treatment
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